Here you will find a list of volunteer and honorary supporters,
whom we would like to take this opportunity to express our special thanks once again:

Claudia Stapel, Hand – Physiotherapie
Dentologicum Berlin
Deutsch-Kaukasische Gesellschaft e.V.
Friedensdorf International
Institut für Anaplastologie, Potsdam
Interplast Germany
Losito-Kressmann-Zschach – Foundation
René Koch, Camouflage

Ortho-Ped Berlin
Orthopädisches Fachzentrum Berlin
Raumhaus, Berlin
SOS Kinderdorf
Mia Zmija-Maurice, Ocular Online
Franziska Walther Designstudio

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Commerzbank, Germany
IBAN: DE19 1008 0000 0824 0292 00

Contact Persons in Germany

c/o Frank W. Peter, MD, PhD
Klinik am Wittenbergplatz
Bayreuther Str. 36
D – 10789 Berlin

T +49. 30. 86 09 86 0
F +49. 30. 86 42 33 36