How is it decided who gets treatment?

Prof. Dr. Frank Peter: The plastic surgeons at placet meet and select suitable patients after reviewing the applications, documents and photos.

How is contact with the patients established?

Prof. Dr. Frank Peter: The contact is established through aid organisations that work locally around the world and know us.

What is the procedure following a positive decision?

Prof. Dr. Frank Peter: We give the “go”, then the organisation organises visa matters and flight on site. The injured and, if necessary, their accompanying persons are flown to Berlin or Essen and treated. We often pay for the flight ourselves.

What are the costs of such treatment?

Prof. Dr. Frank Peter: The costs per patient are between 10,000 € and 30,000 €, depending on the work involved. Depending on the degree of injury, higher amounts can also be incurred.

How many people participate in placet e. V.?

Prof. Dr. Frank Peter: A team of over 20 doctors and over 15 supporting associations.
Placet e is made possible. V. is also made possible by a large number of private individuals who support the association with their donations.

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