Event / 08.01.2008

Dinner for a Good Cause at the China-Club

The Daily Mirror writes on 27.01.2008:

Premiere at the China Club: At a charity dinner, almost one hundred club members learned how much their social and financial commitment is needed, for example for the plastic surgery centre for terror victims placet or for youth welfare in the Elisabeth Stift in Hermsdorf. Frank W. Peter of the Klinik am Wittenbergplatz, Plastic Surgery, vividly described how victims of terror and violence, especially children from war zones, are given new hope and a second life in Berlin.

The doctors do this on a voluntary basis, but the organisation of placet is dependent on financial help. Jeanine White and Alexandra Kamp, for example, successfully sold the celebrities from the worlds of culture and business lots for 50 euros each, Regina Ziegler, Udo Walz and Iris Berben several times – the main prize, one week in the suite of the Westin Grand Hotel in Cape Town, was won by Rebecca Gutmann.

After Judy Winter’s inspiring performance of Marlene Dietrich’s songs, the cash was made: tombola proceeds and dinner contribution came to 15,000 euros. Ariane Spieß, the general manager of the club: “It would be nice if this is the beginning of a good tradition”.


The festive covered restaurant of the China Club


At the entrance: The organizer: Sylvia Kotzan, Ilse Friedrichs, Dr. Brigitte Fleischer-Peter, Prof. Frank Peter, Dr. Roberto Spierer and company, Evelyn Plogmeier, Prof. Klaus Plogmeier


The hostess: Ariane Spiess


Iris Berben, Ilse Friedrichs, Dr. Brigitte Fleischer-Peter, Prof. Frank Peter


The Guests


Judy Winter sings fantastically


Udo Walz, Uwe Wolff, Frau Sedlarzek

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