Since 2001 – Over 500 Operations

The placet doctors have operated over 500 times on more than 50 patients since 2001. The terror victims come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Kenya, Angola, Tajikistan and Mauritania.

The operations were successful in restoring the functions of mutilated limbs and reducing the consequences of disfiguring burns, defects and scars on the face and body.

Psychological Support

In addition to the operations, we support our patients with their psychological trauma. As the patients are only able to communicate in their own language, interpreters are hired to mediate between patients and doctors as well as other supporters and caregivers.

Comprehensive Care

The patients, often children, are accompanied by a family member. We give them everything they need to live: accommodation, food and drink, new clothes (especially in winter), plane tickets and all the medical essentials: Orthopaedic aids, medication, physiotherapy, bandages.

Once treatment is complete, patients return to their home countries. Some of the children remain in the SOS Children’s Village or the Peace Village until they are completely recovered. Here they they are cared for, go to school and learn the German language.

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