In Odessa, Yuliya had petrol poured on to her by the Mafia and then set on fire. This resulted in life-threatening injuries: grotesque disfigurement of the face, partial loss of the ears, distortion of the chest and neck, contractures and loss of function of both hands. The first life-saving measures were carried out in Odessa. Then the parish of Odessa and a private person from Aschaffenburg established the contact to placet.

From January to April 2003 Yuliya was operated on 10 times by five plastic surgeons in the DRK-Klinikum Westend. Skin transplants and tissue stretching were performed. Lips, nose tip and left ear were reconstructed, webbed hands removed.

When not being operated on, Yuliya was privately accommodated and intensively cared for. The mobility of the hands restored by the operations was further improved by physiotherapy.

On April 28, 2003 Yuliya was able to fly home to Odessa..


How she arrived


… and how she left after three months …


At the make up station with René Koch.


She sent us this picture in 2009.




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