Stay I:

Rayyan is seven years old and came to us for the first time with her mother via the German-Caucasian Society in August 2007.

On 1.9.2004 a Russian bomb hit her house, luckily the father rescued the child from the flames. Immediately after the accident she was treated for 3 months in the incineration department of the Groszny hospital. In 2006 she underwent two local surgeries by doctors courtesy of the organization “Doctors without Borders”.

At their admittance, the following findings were found:

  • Flat prominent scars on the face.
  • Scarred upper and lower lip.
  • Eyebrow right absent. Right eye difficult to close.
  • Left ear: Helix anterior absent. Apostasis due to scarred distortion. Lobulus fixed and distorted.
  • Right ear: Lobulus fixed and distorted
  • Left arm: Flat scars. Functions properly.
  • Left hand: Dorsal flat scars. Functions properly.
  • Right wrist: Flat scars, regular function
  • Breast: Flat contracting prominent scar left > right. Breast growth will be impaired.

We operated eight times: on the left ear, on the right wrist, on the chest, on the lower lip, on the left arm.

In December she flew back home.


Stay II:

The second time she was with us from January to June 2009.

Lower lip, chin and chest were treated.


Stay III:

The third stay lasts from July to August 2010.

Ear, chest and left arm are corrected, Dr. Finner transplants her hair.


Stay IV:

This time we operated twice on the breast between August and December 2011.


Stay V:

This is Rayan’s fifth visit with her mother. She is now 18 years old, has graduated from high school and is studying German and English.

Both arrived in October 2018 and stayed until January 2019.

This time the face and chest were corrected

We’ve operated on her three times:

  • The scars on the face were treated with medical needling.
  • The position and shape of the earlobes have been improved.
  • We surgically corrected the bulging and warped lips and inserted skin grafts.
  • We corrected the shape of the barely developed and warped breast, narrowed the scars and increased the volume with her own fat.

We’ll keep in touch.


How she was admitted


That’s what she looks like now.


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