At the age of 13, Otto was seriously injured as a child soldier during the war in northern Uganda that had been going on for 20 years. A bullet pierced his head from behind, shredding his nose and parts of his face. The nasal septum, bony border of the right eye socket and left middle ear were completely destroyed. Respiration was also impaired.

Three operations in Nairobi, where Otto lived for 3 years in the SOS Children’s Village, were not particularly successful .

In November 2005 he came to Berlin and was admitted into the care of placet. One month later he was operated on for the first time in the DRK-Klinikum Westend. In a further seven surgeries, which extended over a period of eight months, we succeed in reconstructing Otto’s nose and largely correcting the facial deformities.

With new self-confidence, Otto started his journey home to Africa in July 2006 accompanied by a companion. Within the framework of the SOS structures he will continue to go to school there and later start training as an electrical engineer.

Dr. Helmut Fischer from Stuttgart has provided us with considerable support in restoring the nose. We thank him for this.


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With a new nose and a new look: Cool!

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