Stay I:

Mawjgul was born in Afghanistan in 1994 and lived with her family in Kabul. She has five siblings, four older brothers and one younger sister. As a baby, she suffered severe burns and mutilations in her face during a rocket attack. Her nose was mostly destroyed and she could not breathe. The eyelids of the right eye were damaged and the cheeks were  also scarred, the mouth was warped, the upper lip was turned outwards.

She came to placet via Friedensdorf in March 2004.

We operated on her twelve times, using laser treatments to complement the therapy.

The nose was reconstructed with a forehead lobe, which gave it air again. Eyelids and mouth were restored.

We had to stop the treatment prematurely because she wanted to go home due to mental instability. We would have liked to have further improved the form and function of the nose.

She flew back in August 2004.

Stay II:

In August 2005 she returned, she was very quiet, almost scared. We took great care of her, especially her psyche, and operated on her five times.

Nose and eyebrows were treated.


Before the operations


That’s how she returned after the first stay. 


Make up at René Koch’s. Thank you René Koch!

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