Ten-year-old Lurdes comes from Angola. Friedensdorf International brought her to Germany.

In her infancy, she suffered severe burns to the left side of her head, left hand and parts of her body: she is blind in the left eye, the eyelids on the left are destroyed, the left face is scarred, the mouth is distorted, the scalp is scarred, the hair roots are destroyed and the left hand is deformed into a clumping hand with a corresponding dysfunction.

We operated on her nine times between May 2015 and July 2016:

Upper and lower eyelids as well as the lower lip were reconstructed. The left hand was operated on several times: The thumb was released, the long fingers were released and the finger bones were brought into the correct position.

An adapted rail stabilizes the result.

The left eye cannot be restored. The scorched scalp is so badly scarred that a transplantation is not possible.

In August 2016, she flew back to her home country significantly improved and satisfied.


On admittance


Shortly before her return flight.



The left hand when admitted: An undifferentiated mass


The left hand shortly before her return flight


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