Hamad comes from the Kurdish part of Iraq.

Hamad did not want to marry the man arranged for her by her family, in 2007 her uncle poured gasoline over her, set her on fire and mutilated her. She was also tortured and shot in a fake shooting. After treatments in Iraq, she finally escaped to her brother in Mainz in 2011.

He referred her to us.

In August 2012 we saw a completely disturbed and depressed young woman. She hid her face and hands and is completely dependent on other people due to the mutilation of her hands and cannot do the basic things of self-sufficiency: Dressing, undressing, eating, body care.

Face, ears and hands were severely damaged, hands function less. Arms, upper body and thighs were scarred.

We started treatment on them and operated four times on the face and both hands between October 2012 and February 2013.

Since then the patient has taken out insurance in Germany and would like to continue being cared for near her place of residence, she goes to the BG Clinic in Ludwigshafen for further treatment.


Hamad at her first consultation in Berlin

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