In 2007 Fahima, then 5 years old, traveled from a village in northern Afghanistan to placet in Berlin. Six months earlier, a fire at her parents’ home had left her with severe burns of 60% of her body surface, resulting in large, disfiguring and severely functional scars all over her body and open infected wounds on her right arm and right leg.  Both knee and hip joints were so bent by the scars that Fahima could neither stand nor walk. Likewise, the right arm and right hand were not functional. The face was scarred all over.

After many operations in 2007, intensive care, extensive physiotherapy and countless consultations with all those involved in the healing process, Fahima was able to walk up to 20 steps alone with the help of special rails.

In April 2008 Fahima was admitted into a pen for children in Berlin. There she recovered, had lessons, physiotherapy and learned to integrate into a social structure.

In July 2008, Fahima was operated on again at the Westend Clinic to remove the contracture of the right elbow.

In 2009 Fahima received physiotherapeutic treatment. An external fixator was applied to her right wrist to slowly expand the contracture there.

In 2013 Fahima was operated again after a long hiatus, as the fingers and thumb of the right hand were barely functional. After a successful hand surgery, the fingers are mobilized by regular physiotherapy.

During her stays on the children’s ward in the Westend Clinic, she was always looked after lovingly  by the nurses.

She has been playing the violin and taking lessons since 2015. She now lives with a highly committed placet employee.

In 2016 she went to grammar school.

In February 2017 we examined her hands again, the function of both hands was improved by operations in July 2017 and July 2018, as well as the stretch ability of both knees. In the face the scars became less conspicuous through medical needling. Currently, she has undergone 29 operations.


Before our treatment: Fahima is very weakened, she is unable to move her right arm and hand.


Before our treatment: The right leg: she cannot sit, stand or walk. The thigh has an infected ulcer.


2009: Enrollment


2015 violin lessons


2018: A beautiful young lady!





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