Angela is 32 years old, a veterinarian and originates from Beslan in Chechnya.

She and her daughter went to school in a building where an attack and hostage-taking situation took place by terrorists. She was seriously injured by detonating bombs, the daughter was fortunately unhurt.

After liberation she was flown to Moscow for treatment.

She come to us in March 2005.

Firstly, we diagnosed and determined that the upper arm fracture on the right had healed stably, there was also a greasy defect wound.

There were several metallic foreign bodies between the main vessels in the neck.

The deltoid muscle on the right was denervated, but without severing the supplying nerve, the axillary nerve, which will recover.

We operated on them twice: we removed the shell splinters from the neck and treated the wound on the upper arm.


The patient at the initial examination with Dr. Spierer, Dr. Müller and Prof. Peter

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