Stay I

Abdul came to us at the age of seven from Chechnya.

In January 2009, a mine exploded in his garden. The consequences were severe burns to the face, a considerable deformation of the auricle and a contracture in the wrist that impaired function.

He visited us with his mother in December 2009 and stayed for the first time in June 2010. Five face and hand surgeries took place and another stay was planned to further improve his situation.

Stay II:

In 2013 the upper part of the left ear was reconstructed by the first operation. During the next operation, the left thumb was freed from its scarring bondage and the thieves are treated shortly afterwards, the damage to the eye, mouth, neck and left hand was vastly improved.

He flew home satisfied and went straight back to school.


Abdul – Malik on Admittance

Just before his flight home with his mama, the lip has been recently operated on and swollen.

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