The non-profit organisation placet supports victims of terrorism in many ways. This is done in close cooperation with the associations “Friedendorf International” and the “German-Caucasian Society”, which have direct contact with the victims in their country or origin.

The organisation is dependent on donations

Although the operations are carried out free of charge by plastic surgeons and our doctors, there are costs for hospital stays, medication, special therapies, orthopaedic aids, transportation, etc.

People often have to undergo surgery many times because of their serious deformities. The association organizes their temporary accommodation in Germany and their supply of food and everyday essentials.

All employees of the association, including the board members, work on a voluntary basis and each case is examined by the Chairman.

The use of donations is subject to the greatest possible duty of care and economic responsibility. The organisation also endeavours to obtain donations in kind. The expected organisation costs, incomes and expenditures, are represented annually by the treasurer, Alexander A. Baé, in a budget plan.

A general meeting discusses and approves the future budget at the annual general meeting. All payments are processed via the house bank and the organisation’s cash – properly with occupancy of all incoming and outgoing payments (under indication of reason and purpose).

The treasurer, Alexander A. Baé, is a tax consultant and business economist by profession and has the necessary knowledge of tax laws and association rules.  As required by law, an annual cash audit by elected members takes place after timely submission of the accounts by the financial officer.

The written cash audit report to the executive board and the presentation of the facts to the members is determined by the association’s statutes, as is the exclusion of the executive board’s influence on the audit report.

Notice of Exemption until 2024

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