The non-profit organisation placet e. V. was founded in 2002 by Prof. Frank W. Peter together with fellow doctors and committed citizens to help injured people, especially children, with no financial means of their own and so cannot receive appropriate medical treatment in their countries of origin.

The organisation works closely with other aid charities, churches and private initiatives to help communicate with the victims.

Selection Process

The placet – Medical Team of doctors decides who are eligible for help after reviewing the victim’s applications, documents and photos.  If eligible the injured and, if necessary, their companions will be flown to Berlin or Essen and treated.

Comprehensive Support

In addition to the medical team, placet’s employees also assist with the day to day care of the patients. In the case of language problems, interpreters are consulted.


The treatment and surgery of the patients take place in Berlin in the DRK-Klinikum Westend, in the Helios Klinikum Emil von Behring and in the Martin Luther Hospital.

In Essen treatment takes place at the Alfried Krupp Hospital.

Surgical Techniques

Disfigurements, burn scars, functional deficits, contractures, open wounds and other physical defects are treated with plastic surgery, including micro surgical techniques.

Function, Aesthetics & Human Dignity

In addition to the functional reconstruction of the deformity, the placet medical team also aims to restore an aesthetic appearance. In addition to the surgery, qualified psychologists take care of the psychological consequences of the trauma.

This comprehensive treatment supports the development of the personality and the intercultural perspective of the patients.


For placet sustainability is important. This means that we strive for long-term contact with our patients and in the case of severe deformities, many operations and recurrent treatments maybe necessary.

Placet video

Our work in a video:

Placet song

Music and lyrics: Timothy Hubler Vocals: Cynthia Utterbach, Piano: Timothy Hubler